The Elements of E-Commerce

Your business may be small – but the Internet lets you think big. Whatever product or service your business offers, the Internet levels the playing field and lets you compete with bigger businesses, reaching customers around the world who can conveniently buy from your online storefront 24 hours a day. In the competitive world of the Web, growing your business and increasing your profits online requires careful planning and important steps.

For every successful e-commerce business, there are dozens that fail because they don’t address basic risks and pitfalls along the way.   So to take full advantage of the e-commerce opportunity,  make sure you base your Web business on a solid foundation that covers every element of e-commerce:

Establish your identity. The right domain name, or URL, can make the difference between a memorable e-commerce identity and getting lost in the online crowd.

Find the right online home. For “brick-and-mortar” stores, location is everything. Your Web business needs the right home, too. We recommend that you read our article on finding the right domain name and browse our Shared Cloud Hosting Plans for your E-commerce web site.  All our feature rich plans differ only in disk space quotas, simply choose the plan best suited for your level of online activity.

Build an attractive storefront. With the right tools, creating a Web site is easier than ever – but following some basic guidelines will help make your site easy and fun for customers to navigate.  And that means more sales for you.

Let customers know they can trust you. In the anonymous world of the Internet, customers will provide you with private information, like credit card or phone numbers.  A sure way to secure and protect your customer’s information is by having an SSL certificate installed. SSL Certificates provides an easy, cost-effective and secure means to protect customer information and build trust. An SSL Certificate enables Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption of your business’ online transactions, allowing you to build an impenetrable fortress around your customers’ personal and credit card information. SSL certificates bring the highest level of trust to your online business. We offer a wide range of SSL certificates from the world’s largest and most recognised brands.

Make it easy for customers to pay you.You can set up your site so customers can pay by keying in a credit card number. But how will you process that transaction? Make sure you not only offer customers a variety of convenient payment methods, but that you can process them all reliably. We have a number of Payment Gateways for both South Africa and other countries which can be installed, contact us and let us have the details of your store software and we will gladly advise you.

Let the world know about your site. A memorable domain name, a great looking design, and top-notch products and services can make your site successful only if customers know about it. Promote your site to drive traffic to it.

Clearly, building the elements of e-commerce into your business is a big job, but it is too important to ignore if you want your business to grow and thrive.  We can help you.   As the leading service provider of secure Internet and e-commerce services for businesses of all sizes, WebWolf offers a complete set of solutions  that help you easily handle every step required for successful e-commerce. Our Guide outlines crucial steps that can give your ecommerce business a competitive edge.